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Welcome to Soccer Sprouts!

Welcome to Soccer Sprouts! We're here to do more than just teach soccer skills. What once started out as a daycare program, has now sprouted into so much more! 

Soccer Sprouts is a youth soccer program for children ages 3 through 10 years old. We encourage our players to be creative, get healthy exercise and build their confidence while learning new skills with a soccer ball. Our lesson plans incorporate team building and leadership skills, as well as involve simple educational aspects of childhood learning - colors, numbers, letters, MATH, etc. All in an exciting and fun environment! At Soccer Sprouts, we believe children learn by playing. We strive to provide young children with a solid foundation to enjoy soccer for many years to come!




Weeknight Soccer for ages 3 - 10 begins on Wednesday, March 4th at the NEWLY REBUILT Avera Sport Dome. We are playing on WED NIGHTS only, 5:30 & 6:30 time slots can be selected online. REGISTRATION DEADLINE is February 29th. There will be a $15 late fee as of March 1st. 

 **7  weeks of soccer at the DOME runs $77 due to rental increases. DAYCARE PRICE IS UNCHANGED @ $70**

**Check our CALENDAR PAGE for the day care schedule**

First time Soccer Sprouts get a FREE shirt. Extra shirts are available for $5.



Sioux Falls Youth Soccer


As your child grows into the love of soccer, Soccer Sprouts is here to see your child succeed!  Check out our various Soccer Sprouts programs here in Sioux Falls for the daycare, after school, and summer nights, weekends, you name it!




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