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3 Reasons Why Youth Soccer is a Good Investment in Your Child

Jul 01, 2016

Isn't it just another thing to schedule?

Kids are busier than ever, so why would you want to add another activity to their schedule? Well, youth soccer isn't just a game or a competition, it is ultimately a child development program.

1. Soccer makes for healthy kids

All kids who regularly play sports build strong muscles and bones. But kids who play soccer benefit even more. Soccer involves both the anaerobic (quick, intense exercise) and aerobic (longer, lower intensity exercise), building endurance and strength. As an extra bonus, the impact of soccer on the body is less jarring than other popular youth sports such as baseball and basketball. And unlike most other sports, there isn't a specific body type required for success.

2. Soccer instills life skills

Soccer isn't just about developing the body, it also builds a player's self-confidence and improves their social skills. Children make friends with their teammates as they learn to play together. Working together toward a goal, kids learn about teamwork, humility, honor and patience. Winning isn't the only priority and losing doesn't make you a failure; you can learn from your experiences and grow through success and failure... which is a lot like real life!

3. Soccer improves the mind

Soccer naturally teaches children to focus. In fact, multiple studies have shown that children involved in organized sports tend to do better in school. The tactical and strategic nature of the sport requires intelligence and quick thinking while still remaining easy to learn. Children as young as two years old can begin to grasp the basic concepts of the game, yet advanced strategies continue to engage their minds well into adulthood. There are actually entire fields of study dedicated to soccer psychology and neuroscience!

So no, it isn't just another activity on your schedule. Soccer is a guaranteed way to teach your child teamwork, discipline, problem solving, dedication, healthy competition and humility. What other activity can do that in just a few hours a week?

Looking to put your child into a youth soccer program? Check out Soccer Sprouts today by heading over to our programs page and registering your kid for soccer!

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